Is This You?

2flowers-2Does this sound familiar?

  • You find yourself challenged by anxiety. You have fears about particular situations or hesitate to leave your house or put yourself in social situations.
  • You find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep.
  • There are events in your past that you are having trouble putting to rest. Perhaps a recent event has triggered thoughts or feelings about something that happened that still troubles you and leaves you unsettled or afraid to take risks.
  • You find yourself feeling sad or unmotivated every day. You feel detached or uncommitted to your life. Perhaps you even wonder why you are here.
  • You long to have a happy relationship but you see yourself stuck in a pattern where healthy relationships continue to elude you.
  • You’re not sure who you really are. Perhaps you feel out of sync with an important aspect of your life and want to make a big change or transition.
  • You’ve conscientiously put everything into your job for years and done well, but now you don’t know if you want to stay in your present position anymore. You wonder whether it might be time to find a new job or even consider looking for a new career.
  • You’ve given the best part of your self to your family. Now your children are getting older, heading for school or leaving home. It’s clear that they don’t need your attention as much. It was important to you to make their well-being your highest priority and you are glad you did, but now what?
  • You’ve recently lost someone important through death or the end of a relationship. Suddenly you see life through different eyes. You want to make the efforts of your life mean something. But how? Where do you find that meaning?
  • You’ve always been creative. You’d like to explore using your creative gifts in a more significant way. Making that commitment, however, sounds like a risk you are not sure you are ready to take.
  • You’ve reached a stage where you are examining your life for meaning. What is your unique contribution? What will be remembered as your legacy? How do you find the answers you seek and what will you do about them?