My Approach

quote2What I Believe

As children developing into adults, we naturally encounter challenges and trials that require us to grow and evolve. When we grow up without appropriate support and understanding, we may not know how to meet these challenges, leaving us with unmet needs and insufficient coping skills. We may feel anxious, depressed, or traumatized and live with the belief that we don’t have what it takes to have what we want or be happy.

I believe that people have a natural capacity for healing and that given a safe space and the gentle guidance of a trained therapist, issues with anxiety, depression, doubts about who we are, and relationship problems can be resolved.

How This Works

I bring empathy, connection, and insight to our therapeutic relationship, listening for what is important in your life and collaborating with you to uncover and explore your values and goals. When you want to focus on particular areas of change, I offer a variety of tools you can use to shift your perspective and behavior. I draw on a number of methods, including expressive art therapies to enhance self-insight, and mindfulness techniques to calm anxiety and increase awareness. I work from an existential-humanistic framework as I support you in looking for meaning and understanding yourself individually and in relationship.

I listen to what is troubling you and offer you insight and clarification so you can start to understand what isn’t working in your life and what you’d like to do about it. I offer ways you can interact with your thoughts and feelings with greater mindfulness so that you better understand yourself and how to have what you want in your life. I offer a variety of expressive art options for those who enjoy accessing their unconscious for insight and healing. I am LGBTQ-friendly and value my work with people of all cultures and backgrounds.