SCLogo_TransparentSoulCollage® combines support and guidance with the creative act of making collages. The rich, intuitive cards you collage reflect the profound wisdom of your inner life. Over time, SoulCollage® gives you a tool for deep personal reflection and orientation. With SoulCollage® you create collage cards that reflect your individuality and act as an ongoing resource for inspiration and inquiry. See my upcoming SoulCollage® offerings on the Events page.

Your SoulCollage® cards are a reflection of you, your life, and your dreams. The process gently reveals the unique aspects of your personality, the members of your supportive community, the overriding universal themes in your life, and the animal companions who guide you come to life. The process provides validation, support, wisdom, and renewal of your spirit, in a safe and enjoyable way. SoulCollage® may be learned in a workshop setting or individually.

For many people SoulCollage® becomes a tool to use throughout life as well as a wonderful way to develop new community. Groups have evolved into long time gatherings that meet regularly to support each other in making cards and asking and receiving information on significant life issues.

Using SoulCollage® as a focus in individual therapy provides a source of inner wisdom that can deepen healing and support profound, lasting change.

What to expect:

The beauty of SoulCollage® is that no artistic experience or skill is needed to create rich and rewarding cards. You will learn to let your inner wisdom guide you in combining and arranging magazine and photographic images.

SoulCollage® participants share in asking for clarification and wisdom from the cards they have created. These shared card readings deepen self-understanding and build strong community support.

I offer SoulCollage® workshops in my studio as a series or one-day special event, once each term at PCC Sylvania, and at New Renaissance Bookshop. Custom workshops may be planned to honor special occasions or gather a connected circle of participants.

See what group Events are coming up or contact me for more information about combining SoulCollage® with individual therapy.